Top 20 DSLR Video Websites I just thought I would do an update on my Top 5 DSLR video websites ranked by traffic only post from a while ago. I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that help pushed me over the 20000 visit mark a few days ago. Again the numbers are just estimates and tend to be off by a lot most of the times. For instance my unique visitor count is 10140 for the past 30 days which is higher than the estimate of 6646. There was some movement in the rankings, such as Philip Bloom taking the top spot from the two 5D sites, and my site moved up from position 10 to 9. Also CheesyCam’s site moved up another spot to #4. I think this is a great list of sites for those who love to consume as much information as I do on DSLR Video. Again, this list represents sites that I feel dedicate a ton of time to not just DSLR’s but to DSLR video (HDSLR). This list is mostly here for a little fun and to provide a great resource for those wanting to read up more on DSLR video. If anyone here reading this owns one of the sites and wants to contribute there actual unique user traffic number I will gladly publish it under that column.

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  1. I’m a photographer who has been heavily invested in Nikon, and wish to transition to video as art. Which Nikon body do you think is the best contender against the Canon 7D?

  2. Nice list, I got 18 of them. 19 and 20 were cut off on the bottom. Keep up the great work! What is your recommendation for a Canon Rebel t2i support kit and follow focus? I primarily use my eos for video. I saw the deal on digitaljuice under the partners section, but was wondering if there is anything else out there that is just as good, better, and/or affordable? Thanks, d

  3. @drumat5280 haha, you really like advertising your site =D Love that you actually respond to comments, and you’re videos are really great =P But I’ve always wondered, what lens are you shooting these videos with?

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