Top 20 Most Ridiculous Yahoo Answers Questions

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12 Responses to Top 20 Most Ridiculous Yahoo Answers Questions

  1. LACK78 says:

    Top 20 Most Ridiculous Yahoo Answers Questions

  2. LACK78 says:

    Top 20 Most Ridiculous Yahoo Answers Questions

  3. Julianus Maximianus says:

    Love your accent, I’m English, not American, so it’s not I haven’t heard it before, but I love that accent. I’ve posted several joke questions on Yahoo for a laugh, and I always get funny answers before Yahoo admin pulls them down which is a shame, as it’s funny. This one has managed to stay up – “Is It True That Justin Bieber Holds The Current World Record For “Most Cigarettes in Mouth” and “Longest time Spent in a Baked Bean Bath”?” i.e. as you know, the slang for cigarette is fag this side of the pond. Also – “Help! I Let Jesus Come Inside me!” “Have You Let Jesus Come Inside You Yet Too” And “Do Midgets Eat All The Lost Socks” “Is It True That Chinese and Japanese Girls’ Vaginas Face Sideways?” It’s a shame Yahoo admin keep pulling them down.

  4. chessdude67 says:

    Thanks for the laugh! We all need to laugh more. :) Thumbs up, Dave! 

  5. KC Gayla says:

    Your genuine laughter made me laugh with you. Clever video.

  6. Philip Chandler says:

    Those were funny… gave me a good laugh. LOL

  7. Big_E1995 says:

    great vid. you need more subs !!!

  8. Julianus Maximianus says:

    Oh here’s another one, spelt incorrectly for laughs. “God’s Massage For Gay Men” followed by a short misspelled back story. I subbed BTW. 

  9. ElZamo92 says:

    you laugh is funnier than most of the questions…

  10. Darren Gator says:

    This video just made my week! AWESOME!!!

  11. Conor Palin-Stewart says:

    Haha thanks for the laugh dave! 

  12. Eoin Dineen says:

    Dave , I like your channel and I’ve been subbed a LONG time . Please don’t make these kind of videos too often. It really cheapens the channel. It’s just kind of spam videos to generate views. How many people who click on this video would even know you’re a tech-related channel and stick around ? Just my 2 cents. 

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