Top 20 popular sites since 1996

Top 20 popular sites since 1996
Not long ago sites like Netscape or Altavista were the kings of that new thing called the internet. That thing has evolved to the point that I can't believe there was a time when Facebook and Goolgle didn't even exist. This infographic shows that …
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How more web addresses makes the Internet a more dangerous place
Before ICANN changed its policy in February, websites ended in one of 22 suffixes, called generic top-level domains. They include .com, .org and .edu. Since early 2014, more than 700 new suffixes have been registered, raising concerns in the cyber …
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Online real estate sites spur rethinking among traditional brokerages
Some in our industry are wringing their hands over the fact that the overwhelming majority of home buyers identify the house they eventually buy on the Internet, and that some of the most popular online real estate portals have wrestled control of the …
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