Top 3 sites to watch movies online for free (2014)

In this video I will show you my top 3 websites to stream movies and/or tv shows online for free. Again, I would like to stress how it important it is to have a pop up blocker program or add…

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18 Responses to Top 3 sites to watch movies online for free (2014)

  1. Miamilicious 6354 says:

    Putlocker is comepletely just.. different now. And you can’t watch free movies anymore on there :/

  2. Gern Blanston says:

    Putlocker changed to another domain. Not as good

  3. kazeem khan says:

    Its 2015 putlockers site since then has failed hes under court order in uk…

  4. Absolute Entertainment says:

    They’ve all been banned by the high court in the UK!

  5. Dev Kumar says:

    They don’t work with smart phones…

  6. Døgg Tótudóttir says:

    putlocker is working :D

  7. Jordan Gill says:

    These do not work

  8. ninjagamer3383 says:

    thx for wasting my time

  9. carthur180 says:

    How do I make it so I can watch it on my iPhone cause every time I try and click the movie there’s a pop up and then it goes to the App Store

  10. the originals says:

    putlocker has an error right now. if you click on a movie it goes to a white screen

  11. Jeremy Amateur says:

    Screw you non of those sites are free

  12. Javi Martinez says:

    Awesome! Thanks for this 

  13. The Dark king of the shadows Gaming says:

    are there viruses

  14. orgilthekid says:

    can i watch it on ipad

  15. Megatropolis1000 says:

    I hate everything you are

  16. ter'ron xCBKx says:

    Dude let me suck your d*ck

  17. Demetrius Hicks says:

    Thanks bro

  18. Joshua Tripp says:

    Bitch speak. The fuck up

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