[TOP 30] K-Pop Girl Group Popularity Ranking 2014 // 여자 그룹 순위 2014

30 최고의 여자 그룹 순위 2014 – ONLY RANKING OF THE FIRST HALF OF 2014 ☞ channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/KDaebak ☞ subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription…

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21 Responses to [TOP 30] K-Pop Girl Group Popularity Ranking 2014 // 여자 그룹 순위 2014

  1. fart tart says:

    What I hate about Kpop is that no matter what, SNSD will always be first. Mr Mr was the lowest in sales for SNSD so there is really no reason at all for SNSD to be #1. SPICA should’ve been way higher, along with T-ARA. Just because SNSD is one of the more successful groups in Kpop doesn’t necessarily mean they deserve to be #1. Their album sales for Mr Mr in the US was only 3,000 while 2NE1 had 5,000. -.-

  2. Dance Gizibe says:

    F(x) & 4minute is more popular then sistar

  3. dansky03 says:

    There is no label whether it’s within korea or outside korea. I think SNSD is popular in korea but 2NE1 is way popular outside korea.

  4. Chie S. says:

    2NE1 just CRUSHed SNSD so everybody knows who’s the real number1

  5. Aki Asakura says:

    2NE1 VS SNSD Longest war…

  6. Nouha Ila says:

    lol .. how could you rank while 2014 hasn’t finished yet !! 

  7. Cyril Mista says:

    SNSD debuted in 2007 2NE1 debuted in 2009 SNSD has 9 members 2NE1 has 4 I mean what do you expect. Music wise it’s 2NE1 Fanbase wise it’s SNSD QUALITY OVER QUANTITY or QUANTITY OVER QUALITY The choice is up to you.

  8. Fx Sulli says:

    My 3 favorite girl bands 1-2NE1 2-FX 3-SNSD i like 2ne1 cuz of their songs. Not members.

  9. suzy cuzy says:

    miss A and 4 minute should be top 5 and 6 , but A pink and girl’s day ??? like seriously ??? LOL.

  10. Pokemon4789 says:

    I understand this is for the First Half of 2014, however based on the time from your list last year to now, I have some thoughts 1.) Why did Hello Venus move up so many spots when they haven’t even had a comeback in a year? Dal Shabet and Rainbow produced great comebacks with Top 10 Albums. They are pretty popular compared to HV 2.) Ladies Code should be way higher. In 2013 they had over a million digital downloads 3.) AOA should be a little higher. They had 2 top 10 hits this year while a couple other groups higher than them didn’t 4.) T-ara and KARA should not be that low. They are going on Continental Tours all over Asia. Plus, I checked the Gaon Yearly Albums Chart and KARA had the 3rd best selling album for female groups. (I don’t know why people are saying Apink did, even though I love them). I think T-ara was 5. However, thank you for posting this well anticipated list. I honestly love every group on here.

  11. mulan4ever14 says:

    Apink should be higher than Girls’ day top 5 is SNSD, 2ne1, sistar, f(x) and apink

  12. Blade1301 says:

    quite predictable aren’t you… SNSD #1 even tho Mr Mr is far from their best. there are quite a few songs in here that are better.

  13. Elise M says:

    Is rania still a group?

  14. hapinnes will arrive says:

    i’m a SONE , and I DON’T DISLIKE 2NE1…I can’t just stand half of their fans…

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