[TOP 40] K-Pop Girl Group Popularity Ranking 2013 // 여자 그룹 순위 2013

40 최고의 여자 그룹 순위 2013 ☞ channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/KDaebak ☞ subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=KDaebak I also based thi…
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22 Responses to [TOP 40] K-Pop Girl Group Popularity Ranking 2013 // 여자 그룹 순위 2013

  1. Richardson Hotz says:

    Apink 14???? Wtf

  2. Kwanmini KP says:

    2NE1 is Number One

  3. Kang Je Ki says:

    2NE1 Number 1 Baby !

  4. hanservazki says:

    Girls’ Generation #1

  5. NotLimitedTo1 says:

    I know all of the top ten. I think that is the sign of a good kpop lover.

  6. Maria Fernanda Uzcategui says:

    I’ve never heard about C-real, for real!!

  7. MonetloveSNSD says:

    YES!!!! SNSD NO.1!! no surprise tho~ but ya!!!

  8. Deivid Huertovsky says:

    Era de esperarse, las GG en 1o.! Si no hay más… las demás son viles copias!!

  9. Kpopper Blackad says:

    1. 2NE1… 2NE1 is number one of all blackjack hearts

  10. Luca Piccolo says:

    Wonder GirlS!!

  11. Mel NDK says:

    I’ve heard top 15 song but i’m only I like top 5 and my fav are 2ne1 and Sistar.

  12. thanh ha says:


  13. LunaSuJu says:

    and it shows us popularity is not about talent or good music..

  14. claudia directioners tribute says:

    2ne 1 are number 1 im from italy and i see first the 2ne1 video no the girls generation

  15. Maggie UsoFine says:

    SNSD and 21 rock!!!

  16. lunaglow96 says:

    girls generation! Yay! This ranking is quite accurate!

  17. Stevie James says:

    gosh~~ #24 why~~~ =.=”

  18. Song Anh Le says:

    APink <3

  19. Samytha Ac says:

    For me 2ne1 are the best ….!! NO.1

  20. Javiera Burgos says:

    SNSD el mejor c(:

  21. Qian Mint says:

    Sorry i didn’t notice the date ^^

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