Top 5 Airsoft Websites

Top 5 Airsoft Websites

Another installment of the “Top 5” series. This video features our opinion of the top 5 airsoft websites. 5- Shorty USA: Overpriced, Misleading Info, Quality Guns 4- Airsplat: Bad Customer Service, Bad Shipping, Wide Selection 3- Evike: Hit or Miss With Service, Wide Selection 2- Redwolf: High Shipping, New/Unique Products 1- Airsoft GI: Wide Selection, Good Customer Service, Test Guns *Remember that this list is based off of personal experience and has an “East Coast” bias. **And please try to buy locally before going to a big market company!

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  1. Airsoft gi has a lot of guns to choose from. And also evike has a lot of guns to Choose from but I would say airsoft gi and evike are tied tbh. Lol but good video

  2. true. the truth is we haven’t really ordered anything off of uncompany because we usually order all of our hard to find parts off of either red wolf or x-fire. (which didn’t make the list due to the fact that the parts they sell are completely useless to most of our audience)

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