Top 5 Airsoft Websites

Top 5 Airsoft Websites

Another installment of the “Top 5″ series. This video features our opinion of the top 5 airsoft websites. 5- Shorty USA: Overpriced, Misleading Info, Quality Guns 4- Airsplat: Bad Customer Service, Bad Shipping, Wide Selection 3- Evike: Hit or Miss With Service, Wide Selection 2- Redwolf: High Shipping, New/Unique Products 1- Airsoft GI: Wide Selection, Good Customer Service, Test Guns *Remember that this list is based off of personal experience and has an “East Coast” bias. **And please try to buy locally before going to a big market company!

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14 Responses to Top 5 Airsoft Websites

  1. whiteboyfan GOAT says:

    what about airsoft megastore 

  2. Ben doug says:

    I use AirSplat

  3. BSforums says:

    I order my stuff from shorty airsoft hi and sometimes amazon

  4. Swampfoxairsoftteam says:

    Airsoft gi has a lot of guns to choose from. And also evike has a lot of guns to Choose from but I would say airsoft gi and evike are tied tbh. Lol but good video

  5. BigAppleAirsoft says:

    true. the truth is we haven’t really ordered anything off of uncompany because we usually order all of our hard to find parts off of either red wolf or x-fire. (which didn’t make the list due to the fact that the parts they sell are completely useless to most of our audience)

  6. giansantiago says:

    and Redwolf is in America?? LOL

  7. James Graber says:

    i would say airsoft mega store should replace shorty usa

  8. BigAppleAirsoft says:

    Because we live in America

  9. Игорь Коновалов says:


  10. silenceimurderyou says:

    ahahghaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa fag

  11. composedmocha47 says:

    DUDE AIRSOFT GI SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. bliztkrieg39 says:

    Well said…

  13. xXminergamer360Xx says:


  14. CountryMan5684 says:

    i use evike all the time, not a problem with customer service or anything

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