Top 5 Berkeley-inspired humor websites

Top 5 Berkeley-inspired humor websites
So if you're going to take a bite of the forbidden Internet fruit, at least be more creative than just Facebook and open some fun sites! We at the Clog are offering a wacky version of school spirit with the following suggestions. 1. UC Berkeley Memes …
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The Biggest Websites In The World
By the way, guess how many of the top 20 websites in the world are Chinese. 1? 5? 10? Just last week we posted the top websites in the US, but now it's time to take a look at the whole world. Thanks to ComScore, which provided us data on the top most …
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10 best money-saving websites for students
Gumtree is one of the biggest websites of its kind, with more than 1.5m adverts to browse. With categories ranging from cars, jobs, accommodation and competitions, literally any one can upload an advert. If you want to advertise a spare room, or sell …

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