Top 5 Must Have Google Chrome Addon Extensions

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17 Responses to Top 5 Must Have Google Chrome Addon Extensions

  1. KdYL4n says:

    History Eraser…For those Moments when you click gay porn and your girlfreinds coming in 5 minutes

  2. G0dlyGam3rs says:

    Add on I had was speed dialer lets you use more things in your “New Tab” window its really great and has alot of tweaks.

  3. nick izcool says:


  4. MadHairMen says:


  5. cubsfan099 says:


  6. AaronStudios3 says:

    I love adblock, I have no more ads!

  7. noname311298 says:

    first I used IE (for 3 years), than I use Firefox (for 1 year), and now I use Google Chrome (properly forever)

  8. Dkzfifteen says:


  9. TonyManne says:

    Yessss!! no more side ad’s on how to get a bigger dick with pictures of big dicks when on pornsits

  10. brathenatebra says:

    social plus for facebook screen capture troll emoticans

  11. Ethan Swaggintons says:

    @trynothingy he probly has fauxbar

  12. Devily93 says:

    Adblock Plus and FastestChrome seem interesting, I’m going to try them. Until now, I’ve been using Google Mail Checker and Yahoo Mail Checker.

  13. MrKillerplauze says:


  14. lllLaquetepariolll says:

    what do they mean when it says “it can access all my data on all websites” before I add the extension

  15. melo15813 says:

    Is this better than opera?

  16. KirbyVoid says:

    So I noticed you left out Tweet Deck, what is this madness?!

  17. IWAFFL3 says:


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