Top 5 Responsive Web Design Myths Put To Rest

Top 5 Responsive Web Design Myths Put To Rest
If you're like me, you spend a lot of time browsing the internet on your cell phone. These days, responsive-myths websites are often built using responsive frameworks to ensure that people like you and I can conveniently use websites, even when not on …
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WORLD WIDE WEB Symantec Removes Gay-Site Block Related to Safe Search
For several years, top Web-filtering services have been resolving a security · Relevant Products/Services over-reach that conflated gay rights websites with child porn, blocking both from web surfers using safe-search software. Now Symantec, one of a …
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Top 5 Responsive Web Design Myths – Debunked
This hampers the readability of the website and hence, the user-friendliness is compromised. However, this has got nothing to do directly with the process of responsive web design. Websites can be given a perfect look with absolutely impeccable font …
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