Top 5 Torrent WEBSITES

HELLO YOUTUBE!!! TOP 5 TORRENT SITES: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) These are the 5 best Torrent sites according to me.Personally i use the first 3 more. Anyways thanks for watching my video…by the way this is my first youtube video. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS OR ADD COMENTS,RATE THANKS.
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18 Responses to Top 5 Torrent WEBSITES

  1. Smiley4057 says:

    i don’t know… pirate bay work for me Bt Junkie work for me and megaupload don’t work i’m from serbia…

  2. jjblackmoredrewett says:

    check out

  3. John Loper says:

    PirateBay isn’t blocked if you use TorrentRover.

  4. hunterslolvideos says:

    It is in some countries, thankfully not mine.

  5. aztecabo1 says:

    when did bt junkie go?

  6. bigfatman64 says:

    piratebay aint blocked

  7. alam3gx says:

    this is bullshit none of the webs are good

  8. AhmadDraghmah says:

    Mininova NUM:1

  9. SwallowingButtons says:

    piratebay works for me

  10. MrTokeHard says:

    imagine if your computer was gone, then it would be over LOL

  11. John Loper says:

    TorrentRover is nice too, if you don’t mind searching from a desktop app.

  12. John Loper says:

    There’s always TorrentRover. Searches thePirateBay, IsoHunt, KickAssTorrents, and BitSnoop.

  13. AnonimouslyFamous says:


  14. Gus Lucas says:

    BTjunkie was always my best site. R.I.P 

  15. michelcardin says:

    If I had some invites; I’d offer them; sorry but when I get some.

  16. michelcardin says:

    I download a 1.6 mb/s everything which means in about 6-t minutes; you have your 700 mb film.

  17. michelcardin says:

    That’s funny cause Iptorents is the one I am member of and just destrroys these torrent sites.

  18. 2012lona says:

    hello all , here are some FAST DOWNLOADING torrent sites which are not closed : FOR MORE YOU CAN GOOGLE IT. NOTE : To Open Sites Which Are Closed , i’ve tried to Refresh the page for a couple of times , and then it automatically opened the site….you guys can try it.. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE IF THIS IS HELPFUL.

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