Top Automotive Industry Experts to join Jim “Alpha Dawg” Ziegler in Atlanta for Internet Battle Plan XV

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) December 18, 2013

Dealership advocate, automotive industry expert and Certified Public Speaker, Jim Alpha Dawg Ziegler, returns to Atlanta, January 14th through the 16th, with Internet Battle Plan XV. Noted as the premiere educational event in the sales industry, Ziegler is once again assembling an impressive group of the industrys top thought leaders, Internet experts and panelists from all across the country. Hand-picked by Ziegler for their techniques and processes in dealership sales, social media and technology, the Internet Battle Plan conference has a reputation for showcasing the highest caliber automotive experts in the country.

Sponsored by Autobytel, Cactus Sky, Dealer Legion, Dealer Socket, Now Marketplace, Potratz Advertising, Contact At Once!, Dealer e-Process, Dealer Synergy, ProMax Unlimited, Stream Companies, ELead1One and TrueCar, Zieglers fifteenth Internet Battle Plan seminar is a collection of the most successful entrepreneurs, consultants and automotive professionals in the industry. Ziegler is joined on stage by twenty leading automotive industry experts:

The headline speaker for Internet Battle Plan XV is Tammie LeBleu, Internet Director and Sales Manager from Orr Nissan in Bossier City, Louisiana. Ranked one of the highest paid car sales professionals in the country, LeBleu takes relationship sales and marketing seriously by utilizing Zieglers formulas mixed with her own personal dynamics. Tammies presentation, Everything I Do Online That Made Me the NUMBER TWO Nissan Sales Person in the Nation will not only educate the crowd, but inspire them to raise their own personal bar, Ziegler states.

Featured presenter, Sean V. Bradley, is one of the top automotive trainers and consultants in the country. CEO of Dealer Synergy, Bradley is contributing writer for over 13 national and international magazines, has spoken to over 80 NADA and NCM 20 groups, and has been noted as one of the highest rated NADA Convention Speakers from 2008 to 2011. Most notably recognized as single-handedly pioneering the field of Automotive Video Search Engine Optimization, Bradleys two sessions on optimization will teach attendees how to not only excel but destroy their competitions video optimization strategies.

Returning presenter, Joel Casser, is Business Development Manager for Prestige Volvo, New Jerseys largest volume Volvo dealership and top five in volume in the country. Integrating video into almost every facet of his operation, Casser uses personalized video greetings, walk around demonstrations, and even video chat to achieve response and closing rates well above the average benchmark for Volvo and attracting new car shoppers from 15 states and used car shoppers from all 48 contiguous states, as well as Canada.

For the first time ever, Samantha Cunningham, VP of Account Services for Potratz Advertising will be presenting 7 Ways to Increase Special Finance Leads Through Mobile Marketing on the Internet Battle Plan stage. Teaching pin-pointed precision to target the right customer at the right time, Cunningham will be sharing never-before-seen tactics that have proven to double lead volume for her clients.

Rachel Haro, Owner of Mouthful Social Media, has spent over a decade working with dealerships across the country on strategic, grass roots, and social media advertising. Rachels cutting-edge social strategies and test drive trainings and custom video email templates have inspired dealerships across the country to personalize their online customer interaction to create offline lead opportunities.

President of Cactus Sky Communications, Peter Martin, is one of the premiere email marketing experts in the country. Helping double Internet closing ratios for dealers, Martin and Cactus Sky have the ability to deliver email through SPAM filters and track the recipients’ clicks offers clients a huge marketing advantage and verifiable ROI.

Go-to sales strategist, consultant and trainer, Cory Mosley, has built a reputation by challenging the status quo. Mosley and his company, provide progressive strategies that have help dealers across the country build and restructure profitable sales, BDC, and Internet operations.

Reuben Muinos, Director of Business Development for Dealer Socket, is the leading expert in CRMs. Starting his career with the Galpin Motors organization, Muinos has worked in many facets during his tenure at Galpin including E-commerce Director and technology advisor for all of Galpin’s franchises which includes Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Jaguar, Volvo, Honda, Aston Martin and Saturn. A featured contributor to many top tier industry magazines, conferences and seminars, Muinos has traveled the country providing advice to dealerships, OEMs and dealer groups on how to best use technology to drive sales.

Andrew Myers is focused on the dynamics of the cumulative combined effects of short saturation messages about a company. His company, What’s Next Media, creates message-based video programs for Auto Dealerships. His presentation, How to Build Value, and Sell Cars Online is filled with fast-paced and content rich with usable information and feature live examples that will greatly improve a dealership’s Internet sales and marketing effectiveness.

Don O’Neill V.P. of Sales & Marketing and co-founder of DealerLegion takes the Internet Battle Plan stage for the very first time. A big believer in “its the man not the machine” train of thought, ONeills presentation, DATA MINING: Dont Let the Mine Collapse Without a Plan! breaks down the trends in data mining for the franchise dealer, the current role mining plays in your marketing strategy and expected ROI and cost of mining.

Returning to the Internet Battle Plan stage is Dave Page, part owner & Director of Dealer e-Process. Pages presentation, Exploding Website Conversion: An Insiders Road Map to Benchmarking & Converting 50% of Website Visitors to Leads asks dealers to look at their total Internet marketing strategy with the highest possible success based on what is working in this right now environment. Going in-depth with real numbers and statistics on what is actually working to bring incredibly strong returns with actual examples of analysis derived from 2500 websites, this is one presentation you wont want to miss.

ProMax Unlimiteds CEO, John Palmer, presents for the first time at Jim Zieglers Internet Battle Plan XV. In his presentation, Become Great at Subprime – Its Over 40% of your Market!, Palmer will be teaching dealers the inventory, marketing and sales process necessary to maximize its profit potential with this huge and growing market.

Ed Parkinson, VP of Sales, Automotive Solutions for Contact At Once, has been working with automotive dealers for 27 years and has helped pioneer the use of call tracking and measurement to increase sales and quantify the return-on-marketing.

Direct response marketing, SEO, website design, social media, and website conversion optimization experts, Bill Parlaman & David Regn, share the Internet Battle Plan stage for the first time ever. The co-founders of Stream Companies will be presenting, Automotive Inbound Marketing. Breaking down the what, how and why and ROI of inbound marketing, this is what every smart dealer and business will be talking about in 2014.

Scott Pechstein, Vice President and Sales for Autobytel, serves as an automotive industry spokesperson and lead trainer of the Autobytel Dealer Insight Series. His sales insight for the development and marketing communications programs have been bringing consumers and dealers together since 1995.

Returning Internet Battle Plan presenter, Paul Potratz, is the COO of Potratz Advertising, a full service automotive advertising agency that specializes in integrating the power of digital marketing strategies for retail automotive dealers and dealer groups across the United St

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