Top Echelon Webinar for Recruiters: Social Media Outreach Techniques

Canton, Ohio (PRWEB) March 16, 2013

Making the most of social media is a time-consuming process for recruiters, although there is value in knowing how to effectively use the different social media sites and tools that are available. The challenge is to use them to their fullest while at the same time running a productive recruiting desk.

Top Echelon, a company dedicated to helping executive recruiters make more placements, recently offered a free recruiter training webinar about this topic by one of the top trainers in the recruiting industry.

That trainer is Shally Steckerl of The Sourcing Institute, and the title of his webinar is Social Media Outreach Techniques for Super-Busy Recruiters.

Although the live webinar is over, the recorded version of the session is now available for viewing. Below is the official description of Social Media Outreach Techniques for Super-Busy Recruiters:

Learn how to weave your cold calls, voicemails, and emails with new social media outreach strategies that can increase your call-back ratio by at least 20%.

Know how to prioritize various communication vehicles to get faster responses from prospects.
Find the social footprint for many of your candidate prospects so you can expand the ways in which you connect with them.
Know what to include in your social media messages that will increase the likelihood of generating a positive response.
Relate the values of having your own Facebook page and LinkedIn Group, and define which types of activities are best for each of the social networks.

There is NO cost to watch this recruiter training webinar.

As a globally recognized recruiting leader over the past 15 years, Steckerl has helped build sourcing organizations for companies like Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola, Cisco, and Motorola.

He now advises recruiting leaders at over 200 organizations on how to successfully embed key sourcing initiatives into their current efforts, improve the performance of their existing sourcing teams, and establish sourcing functions from the ground up.

Click here to watch the FREE recruiter training webinar Social Media Outreach Techniques for Super-Busy Recruiters by Shally Steckerl.

Top Echelon offers a recruiter training webinar every month on its website. Recruiters are encouraged to visit the site often and take advantage of this training by some of the most popular trainers in the recruiting industry.

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