Top Fails – Day 77

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Top Fails – Day 77

  1. julien morvan says:

    OP teemo !!!!

  2. Akula Doktor says:

    1. Greedy blitz and TF 2. Fool Alistar 3. Lucky Teemo and his fool enemies.

  3. GigiLeMagnifique says:

    quadra mushroomz powerrrrrrr XD

  4. Darius NoCooldowns says:

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  5. Admirnenn says:

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  6. Çağrı Çatal says:


  7. Danny k says:

    That blitz is a perfect example of a greedy retard.

  8. John Collins says:

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  9. Somme W says:

    i’m blitz,i’m helping.

  10. yogster10000 says:

    Even from beyond the grave, teemo is still a bitch…

  11. FreeRpSeason3 says:

    free rp on my channel, enjoy<3

  12. simpl3xHD says:

    Check this to see how to get every skin you want /watch?v=A6yMOJX_Dmk Thumbs up!

  13. Adell2k8 says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND… That’s why we hate that little bitch Teemo.

  14. jhj75011 says:

    애들이 못컷다해

  15. bobo mo says:

    in number 1 Fail Is That low lvl jax??? he got low life he still go baron

  16. bjs2515 says:

    영어 ㄴㄴ해

  17. SuperJunsoo says:

    Subtitals are still in beta dude relax

  18. HalyJak says:

    what and the hell is wrong with these captions!?

  19. Konnor Mcleod says:

    Check out my league of legends videos please, my latest video was of master yi out running nautilus’s ult

  20. ChromeVeins says:

    Oh gosh jolly, thanks for the heads up bruh 😀 No really… I didn’t know that ¥_¥

  21. StanGrinder says:

    “Giving the official quadrakill up to the dead Teemo” Happens more often than you’d think.

  22. HippioKass says:

    jesus all the subtitles suck, why even try youtube why

  23. Berelore says:

    A teemo should know better.

  24. kristopherthewikkid says:

    shhh… dont destroy the joke xD

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