Top PR and Internet Marketing Agency Now Offering Services In Orlando

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) November 11, 2013

After launching in Jacksonville, Fla., Boundless Agency is turning to Central Florida for much needed help hiring and an opportunity to expand their range of potential clients.

We hit a point were we need to quickly expand our talented team, and we are struggling in Jacksonville to identify the people with the right skill sets, said Director of Enchantment Justin Root. Im sure there are a lot of talented people in northeast Florida, but we are having trouble finding them.

Boundless Agency is a hybrid public relations and Internet marketing agency. Recent changes in the media landscape pushed the agency to marry public relations skills with Internet marketing skills. The result is an approach to public relations that can build brand awareness, generate leads and convert leads to sales.

Coming up through PR agencies, I was always concerned with how we measured our ROI, said Root. The method we have developed allows us to tie our work to the bottom line. We dont quantify empty metrics. We directly grow small and medium businesses.

Boundless Agencys pioneering approach is based on blending traditional public relations tactics with marketing automation and conversion architecture. The agency balances public relations and Internet marketing through a four-step process.

The first step is the discovery stage. The team at Boundless Agency employs media relations tactics, search engine optimization and social media strategies to drive traffic to a clients website.

As visitor traffic starts to build, the second step of the process comes into focus: convert these visitors into leads. Boundless Agency produces valuable incentives for these visitors and asks the client to give the incentive away in exchange for an email address and name.

We want our clients to build mutually beneficial relationships with their customers right off the bat, so we recommend clients give away valuable information and ask their potential customers to reciprocate with an email address for more valuable information in the future, said Root.

Once an email address is collected. Boundless Agency relies on marketing automation technology to help clients build relationships with these potential customers and generate new business.

This unique approach to public relations and Internet marketing has been well received by Boundless Agencys clients, but since most of their current clients are across Florida, Boundless Agency is leveraging this reach and turning their attention to Central Florida.

Orlando is home to a diverse public relations and Internet marketing scene. We hope we can quickly find a bunch of talented PR and Internet marketing minds to bring on board, said Root. The bigger our team, the more bandwidth we have to help clients build brand awareness, generate leads and grow their businesses.

About Boundless Agency

Boundless Agency is a public relations and Internet marketing agency in Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida. Boundless Agency custom builds pipelines for small and medium businesses through an integrated approach to advertising, public relations and Internet marketing. Their pioneering approach builds bands and generates new business.

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