Top Public Relations Tips Proudly Released by 10 Best PR

NYC, New York (PRWEB) August 29, 2014

The Public Relations Society of America defines public relations as a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. Though selecting the right PR company takes extensive expertise, experience and research, even with the perfect industry partner, there are many things one must be wary of. That is why 10 Best PR has just released their first iteration of the Top Public Relations Tips.

Hiring a PR firm involves putting company growth into a third partys hands, which is both a stressful concept and a nerve-wracking decision. Trust and reliability are of the utmost importance. Not only has 10 Best PR taken the guesswork out finding a great public relations company, they have begun to teach searchers how to take their PR destiny into their own hands.

Made up of expert PR professionals with not only extensive knowledge of the industry, but also a finger on the pulse of public opinion, the 10 Best PR team has developed a trusted algorithm that combines both quantitative and qualitative scoring to determine the best PR firms in the industry.

The awards and accolades handed out by this agency are sought after and celebrated by all the major PR firms, making the decision of which companies to trust a smooth and painless process.

In a world of constant contact, PR has become progressively more important, and increasingly challenging. 10 Best PR has released the 25 top PR tips that span the industry. From staying calm and dropping the salesy language to proper analytics and high quality SEO, this is by far the best public relations advice available when formulating any public relations strategy.

A detailed and explanatory list, these top public relations tips could translate easily into action items for any PR plan. Take tip #15: Social Media Marketing. Not only is there direct advice like focusing Facebook more on witty sound bites and graphics and less on press releases, but it sites relatable examples, like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raising over $ 10 million without any classic sales pitch at all.

Ethics and public perception is an important aspect of any PR effort, and those ideals are clearly reflected in the top 25 best PR tips. Tip number 8 encourages community involvement and charity, tip 13 focuses on transparency and honesty and tip 25 highlights respect and modesty.

A thorough and practical aggregation of the best PR advice around, 10 Best PRs list of the top public relation tips recognizes that the most successful firms will humanize a company and enable the companys story to come to life.

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