Top-Rated Mortgage Buddy App Updated with Industry-Leading New Functionality for Homebuyers

Boston, MA (PRWEB) July 19, 2013

Mortgage Buddy, the top-ranked, free iOS and Android mortgage app, has been updated and rereleased; now offering even more functionality for anyone interested in buying a home. Mortgage Buddy stands out from the other options on the app market for providing robust features found nowhere else.

MortgageBuddy, LLC has today announced the availability of the newly updated app on both Apples iTunes and the Android marketplace options (Amazon, Google Play, etc.). The newly rereleased app offers dual functionality, operating as both a mortgage calculator, and as a mortgage pre-qualifier.

As a mortgage calculator, the app allows users to get payment information for a range of loan amounts, as well as interest rates and down payment amounts. It provides the capability to add real estate taxes, homeowners insurance, PMI and condo fees as well, ensuring that users have the most accurate understanding of their situation at all times. An amortization schedule based on the data input is also provided.

However, what makes this powerful mortgage app truly stand out is its ability to function as a mortgage pre-qualifier. John Saari of Mortgage Buddy, LLC, On a separate tab, the app provides you with the ability to put in not only the mortgage information, but also your income and monthly debt. Once this information has been added, it allows you to get your debt to income ratio (DTI). Then, based on your DTI, the app lets you know whether a conventional loan or an FHA loan would be the best option for your specific situation.

The Mortgage Buddy app is the latest tool from MortgageBuddy, LLC, which also offers a complete, interactive mortgage and real estate website providing users with unbiased information.

For those who want to keep up with the developers of the free Mortgage Buddy app, follow @MyMortgageBuddy on Twitter.

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About Mortgage Buddy, LLC: Mortgage Buddy, LLC is dedicated to providing homeowners and prospective homeowners the access to non-bias mortgage and real estate based information. Our goal is to be “Your Friend for Home Financing Solutions” and a place where families and individuals turn for assistance with being pre-approved, to get answers to common mortgage underwriting questions, or anything related to the home purchase or refinancing process.The company offers the top-rated, Mortgage Buddy app at no cost to the user, as well as a robust, interactive real estate and mortgage financing website to help consumers make informed decisions.

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