Top Registry Cleaner PC HealthBoost Released Update 2.2.4 With New Improved Features

Boston, MA (PRWEB) May 01, 2013

When a computer hangs up, has a DLL error, or worse, suffers a fatal error, users often scramble to find a quick blue screen of death fix to solve the problem. However, the real issue often involves a corruption or bad data sitting in the Windows registry of the computers OS system. The registry works like a switchboard for Windows OS, directing every task and program using the OS as an environment.

PC HealthBoost was originally created as a registry cleaning software tool to clean up computer problems by Peter Dunbar and Amit Mehta. With three years of development invested into PC HealthBoost, the code and quality of the product has saved countless customers from problems with their computers running Windows operating system platforms.

PC HealthBoost incorporates a process of scanning a computer, identifying errors that exist, and executing repairs that clean up the program delegation system with the Windows registry. The process is managed by the ScanSafe algorithm which uses a proprietary approach to registry cleaning that is well-tested and provides safe, improved use of a computer.

PC HealthBoost reviews repeatedly note how well the software works in cleaning a Windows registry test after test, bolstering the reputation of the product and confirming its safe use on personal and business computers.

Update 2.2.4 includes a number of minor changes that improve the performance of PC HealthBoost. These changes include the following updates:

a. Improved update functionality

b. Improved program installer, both in terms of design and appearance

c. Advanced repair capabilities that can now handle Windows 8 OS problems

d. Minor bug fixes based on issues identified with previous testing

e. Improved update information display – Update information is now provided via a popup window when a new PC HealthBoost version has been made public.

Additionally, PC HealthBoost 2.2.4 still includes valuable benefits including:

1. Live-person assistance from Microsoft-Certified support technicians available 24/7

2. An improved program speed that functions and repairs in under 2 minutes.

3. The same powerful scanning feature that finds and fixes registry errors as well as prevents them with code fixes.

4. Inclusion of ScanSafe to ensure a PC is 100 percent safe to operate.

5. Automatic, regular system scanning.

6. Use of hardly any storage space on a hard drive, keeping the resource free for user programs and making PC HealthBoost updates easy and quick to download.

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