TOP SECRET: Google ‘Floating Structures’ on Both Coasts

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on mysterious Google floating structures on both coasts. Facebook:…

18 thoughts on “TOP SECRET: Google ‘Floating Structures’ on Both Coasts

  1. Such a slippery slope. The line between national surveillance and a free internet is predictably thin. As far as this video, who cares if Google has floating barges? What exactly are people worried about?

  2. Its true, I have reviewed the patent for them. 4 barges all together however, I’m sure these are only the proof of concept before they deploy worldwide. Google will become SkyNet some day, its only a matter of time.

  3. There was a Discover Channel documentary on Netflix (which was recently removed after only a few weeks (odd)) that said Google was looking into putting their server farms on boats and using the kinetic energy from the ocean for power. Whether true or not, you can decide.

  4. Yes it’s possible that the comet ISON could cause a solar x flare which is earth facing that will create an E.M.P. event. Understanding this the Google barge may very well become the only self sustaining poerhouse for Elite communications.

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