Top-Seller eBay Retailers Create Web site to Promote Unique Gifts for Friends, Family and More

(Vocus) April 9, 2010

Ready, set, adventure! Its time to set out on an expedition to the great unknown, but instead of a rainforest exploration or a deep-sea dive, this one-of-a-kind expedition requires no travel. With just a few clicks, eager participants will find themselves immersed in an online haven of wondrous originality.

At shoppers will be greeted by a fun-loving tour guide clad in a leather jacket and safari hat a bargain hunter indeed. This Cabbage Patch Kids wannabe doll, Jonathan, is pictured at the bottom of every page within the Web site to provide assistance by providing detailed product information for each available item. Believe it when Jonathan says youll never find a better shopping experience!

Launched in October 2007, the Web site was developed by Peter and Joyce Hill after having experienced monumental success with their eBay store, Jonathans Choice, which continues to sell similar merchandise. On the Web site, shoppers will discover a vast selection of thoughtful collectibles, creative and crafty home d

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