Top Ten Most Visited Websites

Top Ten Most Visited Websites Site: FaceBook: Google Plus: Twitter: —- Source: — Requested by: FumbleknightZ — How Many Photos Have Been Taken? Marloes “How Many Photos Have Been Taken? Marloes”

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22 Responses to Top Ten Most Visited Websites

  1. coldoatmealHaT3R says:

    Where’s Pornhub? Come on guys, all of you thought it’d be up here!

  2. RedFlame19 says:

    No. I’m pretty sure that I’ve won, and you’re a little crybaby, also people don’t have souls. Anyway, I win, you lose, deal with it.

  3. o0Bullseye says:

    Are you mad? I’m pretty sure that we all know that you have lost this argument because now your resulting to incest to fill up that gaping hole in your soul. Good day sir.

  4. RedFlame19 says:

    Age has nothing to do with it, it’s an insult. I’ve never been on reddit. If my comment amused you, why insult me and tell me to go away? Go back to your dad’s sex dungeon, fag.

  5. o0Bullseye says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Sit the fuck down son. My mom’s fucking 52. She’s a barrister. Your cliched post just gave me more amusement then it should have. Go back to reddit, fag.

  6. Mrpapercutboy says:

    Top ten infamous movies.

  7. SFO14 says:

    Not a single porn site? 

  8. RedFlame19 says:

    If I wanted my comeback I would have wiped it off your mum’s chin.

  9. o0Bullseye says:

    Fuck off.

  10. Vanilla manturk says:

    Google is not a site it’s a search engune

  11. Superafrica100 says:

    Top ten super humans :)

  12. bobrens1 says:

    Top Ten Richest People

  13. bobrens1 says:

    Wiki is no surprise, this is an era of vacant minds LOL j/k j/k no offense, I sorry 😀

  14. theindianteddybear says:

    it is a chinese google

  15. FCBsucksx says:

    I remember when MySpace was the shit back in 08, good memories.

  16. TheDarkKnight249 says:

    Top ten best sex videos

  17. Elvis Pantoja says:

    The top ten richest people

  18. michael marshall says:

    What about myspace xD jkjk

  19. SummahGuy says:

    top 10 best selling books

  20. Canyon Gamble says:


  21. The2ndUsername says:

    I never even heard of Baidu

  22. The2ndUsername says:

    everybody this is the guy who requested this, let’s all make fun of him!

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