Top Ten Virus Websites 2011-2012

shows you the website with the worst viruses.

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21 Responses to Top Ten Virus Websites 2011-2012

  1. Joey Deserio says:

    Lol just gave some of those to my friends and they opened it

  2. laxymax says:

    can some 1 please explain to me what the diffrent viruses does? live ilove you, spyware and the others?

  3. MrKevinsim2 says:

    Lol i know some friends on my steam that actually did it Its pretty sad to see that people are that stupid LOL

  4. RuckDemUp says:

    My computer says lyrster has a virus so prevents me from opening

  5. riilhiiro says:

    look at this vid start

  6. RuckDemUp says: is a site known for virus, do you work for them or something?

  7. hamstricke says:

    What if one day, Google decided to go evil and created a virus to put on all their websites that instantly destroys your computer?

  8. tony blind says:

    i dont now if is safety to get in one of this sites

  9. MrNinjalol22 says:

    Can you explain the minecraftforfree virus?

  10. Erik Telleria says:

    Thats because you might of bought Norton in real life and not in the PC. -.- Idiot, it’s not a virus.

  11. Deepak. H. Kadam says:

    funmaza and minecraftforfree are now safe. I tested it with McAfee Site Advisor and WOT. funmaza is a site to download songs. I don’t know about minecraftforfree. Because I have never visited it.

  12. riilhiiro says:

    lyrster now is not a virus site same

  13. ColdHeartedEnd says: still has malicious content on this type. I tested it :)

  14. plh8707 says:

    what dumbass would actually type in give me a virus?

  15. henkkaaXD says:

    could be but i still don t try even cause i have anti-virus.

  16. XLordLightningX says:

    @TheEpicProduction1 Dude…why the fuck wouldn’t you just get the actual paid software and not be a dumbfuck and search up “Norton Antivirus Fo Fwee”

  17. XLordLightningX says:


  18. keeblerelmcookies says:

    Yes if you have an anti-virus it doesn’t matter.

  19. henkkaaXD says:

    should i try one:D

  20. Stephano Broberg says:

    Kaspersky Virus Oh No that’s my school virus protector we’ve not been able to do I.C.T for weeks! No wonder why!

  21. 980josh says:

    LOL Who the fuck would go to givemeavirus. . .com

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