Top travel websites: Road, Rail and Sea

Top travel websites: Road, Rail and Sea
Everett set up the site with her photographer husband Simon Buckley, after struggling to find the information they needed for a driving trip through France and Italy. Like many, they loved for its extensive detail on rail travel (see below …
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Where are the top 100000 websites hosted?
Which cities are hosting these top sites? Houston and Dallas lead the top 15. Beijing, Tokyo, and Amsterdam were the non only-U.S. cities to make the list. And U.S.-based companies host the most sites with the SoftLayer from IBM leading the way …
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Where the world's top 100000 websites are hosted (infographic)
That'd be Houston, Texas, according to host information company HostCabi, which whipped up an infographic on the world's most popular websites. Houston is home to nearly 4,000 of the world's most highly trafficked sites — or their data, at least …
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