UPDATE. This video was made a year ago. Let me give you a brief description/review of the sites I mentioned. 1. Lockerz: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Seriously. There are only redemptions of prizes at a certain time, and always run out before you are able to redeem something. Not worth the time. Really. 2. Swagbucks: A legit website, really does work, I really do recommend this website. Link : 3. Xpango: Not worth the time. Almost impossible to get something. 4. Points2shop: I would recommend prizerebel over this website. This website only offers stuff from amazon, but prizerebel offers items from all over. 5. PrizeRebel: This is probably one of the best rewards sites. Offers prizes from ebay, amazon, and lots of other items. Definitely a website you should check out. I’ve gotten LOTS of stuff from this website. Link: 6. Apple.freebies.jeebies: Not worth your time. You have to pay. It’s terrible, exactly like lockerz.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  3. EpicRewardz is a great gpt site! Free 250 points when you first sign up and you can order anything off of amazon. Also, you can get gift cards to places such as subway, pizza hut, mince craft codes etc etc. Check out my channel for the proof of the reward that I got

  4. points2shop is the best gpt site, prizerebel sucks, people, for reasons that are unkown to me, say its bad that they cash out in amazon. but what better place is there, it tells you that the site is real, because its going through amazon, and amazon is a very real site, and everything you could ever want is on amazon, from pens to flatscreen tv’s, incredibly easy to get points, and you can play games to get points, very good site, just dont get bannned, read the rules carefully…

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