Reports August 2013 Listings of Top SEO Consultants in Russia

(PRWEB) August 15, 2013 has announced the ten top search engine optimization agencies in Russia for the month of August 2013. The ratings consist of search marketing solution providers which have years of experience in professional quality solutions. The ratings are created through a methodical investigation process which involves the inspection and benchmarking of top search engine optimization agencies to decide which are most effective at providing their solutions. While there are thousands of search marketing agencies providing services, the ratings are used to feature the absolute best.

While many search engine optimization companies in Russia are considered for the meticulous evaluation process each month, only the top companies are showcased in the listings. The rankings are revised each month in order to account for the latest developments and achievements of competing search engine optimization companies in areas most commonly associated with successful search engine optimization services. The five areas of evaluation used to determine the best companies include reporting methods, off page optimization, needs analysis, keyword analysis, and on page optimization.

The 10 top search engine marketing agencies in Russia for August 2013 are:

1. Demis Group

2. Optimism

3. TriLan

4. Promo.Techart

5. I-Media

6. BroaDBanD Group

7. Matik

8. Newmann Bauer

9. Vipro

10. Promodo

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