TopSitePromote, the new super-effective low cost submission software.

(PRWEB) December 31, 2001

Matfors — Webmasters agree the key to successfull Internet promotion lies in getting accurate listings on all SearchEngines and directories on the net.

Zicom Data releases TopSitePromote, the super-fast multithreaded submission utility,that lets you submit to all major (100+) SearchEngines and 200.000+ linkpages and classifieds.

Webmasters know locating and manually submitting to SearchEngines meant working for weeks.

Now the tedious work of finding and submitting to SearchEngines is done by TopSitePromote in only a few minutes.

TopSitePromote lets you manage several projects (sites), and the program keeps track of your submissions with accurate statistics.

The SearchEngine-data is fetched from a frequently updated server database.

Major features

Fast automated parallel submission to 70+ engines

Semi automated submission to 30+ engines

Efficient submission tool to 200.000+ linkpages and classifieds

Handles unlimited number of projects/sites

Statistics to keep track on previous submissions

Metatatags generator

Searchengine data downloaded from server, frequently updated and accurate

Low cost, only $ 30 – we want TopSitePromote to be in every webmasters toolbox!

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