Launches New Bittorrent Privacy Service

(PRWEB) March 27, 2012

When downloading torrents without taking special measures to protect one’s personal identity and activity, it’s just a matter of time before an ISP throttles the connection, sends out an infamous love letter (sarcasm), or worst case, gets a subpoena from an attorney requesting the identity of the user for a potential law suit.

The traditional measures taken to torrent anonymously aren’t quite enough anymore to stay safe. It is becoming increasingly easier for prying eyes to view torrent download traffic. A concerned downloader doesn’t even need to be doing anything illegal, either. Maybe they just want to keep big brother out of their personal business and just prevent bandwidth throttling. For those that seek an immediate fix, the solution involves routing a BitTorrent connection through an external is a BT-focused proxy server, VPN and Seedbox provider. .

How TorGuard Works

Independent monitoring groups join BitTorrent swarms, but instead of sharing files, they’re logging the IP addresses of other people in the swarm so that they can notify the ISP. A proxy (like TorGuard) funnels internet trafficin this case, just the BitTorrent trafficthrough another server, so that the BitTorrent swarm will show an IP address from a server that can’t be traced back, instead of the address that points to your house. That way, these prying eyes can’t contact the ISP, and the ISP likewise has no cause to send you a harrowing letter. All anyone watching would see is TorGuard servers sharing a file, and all the ISP sees is the computer connecting to TorGuardbut not what data is being downloading, because it’s encrypted.

TorGuard offers both a VPN and proxy (to combat spying) and encryption (to combat throttling)though many torrent clients have encryption built-in as well TorGuards bittorrent protection service isn’t free. At rougly $ 6/month, it isn’t very expensive, and well worth it when using bittorrent anonymously. A law suit settlement, if it comes to that, will cost at least a couple thousand dollars, which equals a couple decades of TorGuard subscriptions, so keep that in mind.

In closing, BitTorrent isn’t the safe haven it once was. All the experts highly recommend getting some sort of protection when downloading torrents so ISP love letters and throttled speeds can be avoided.

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