Toronto-based SEO Company Numero Uno Web Solutions Experts Comment on New Facebook Services

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) February 26, 2013

Numero Uno Web Solutions (, a fast-growing global Internet marketing firm that caters to small- and mid-size business-to-consumer companies, comments on Facebooks new services, including Graph Search, and the future direction of Facebook and how it will impact search engine optimization (SEO) marketing efforts.

First launched on February 4, 2004, Facebook has undergone a number of major operational changes and transformed the way SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) marketing firms help businesses connect with consumers. With more than one billion active users and over 618 million active daily users, Facebook has evolved from a simple meeting place to becoming one of the most influential marketing tools. (Source: Lomas, N., Pew Study Finds Two-Thirds Of Facebook Users Have Taken A Multi-Week Break, TechCrunch February 5, 2013.)

As the worlds most influential customized, social media platform, Facebook continues to innovate with its services to create a perfectly customized experience; allowing individual users to select the content they want from friends, groups, and businesses, says Nadia Iaboni, Digital Solutions Manager at Numero Uno Web Solutions.

In an effort to make Facebook the Internets one-stop destination for virtually everything, the company has launched the ultimate customized newspaper with its News Feed. It also recently introduced its new Graph Search platform; allowing users to mine the site for non-private information on virtually anybody. Meaning, small- and medium-sized businesses can use Graph Search to learn about users browsing habits and interests; and find people anywhere who may be interested in their brand or niche.

As Facebook continues to roll out new services, its essential that small- and medium-sized businesses use an expert online SEO and SEM company that knows how to integrate these services into their online marketing campaign. And that use these services to help businesses increase web traffic and brand awareness, and get their site to rank higher on search engine results pages, Iaboni adds.

As the worlds most dominant social media force, Facebook will continue to launch new services (including video, voice, and more interactive pages) and revolutionize the way users connect with their online audience, she notes.

The Numero Uno experts believe that, going forward, mobile will play a more important role in Facebook growth. Of those who access Facebook via desktop computer, 40% visit every day. Of those who access Facebook through mobile devices, 70% visit every day. (Source: Olanoff, D., Zuckerberg Bullish On Mobile Revenue: 70% Of Mobile Facebook Users Return Daily, Desktop Only Sees 40%, TechCrunch October 23, 2012.)

Monetizing Facebook will continue to be paramount, say the Numero Uno Web Solutions experts. To that end, Facebook advertising will continue to evolve; creating incredible opportunities of growth for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Social media sites like Facebook are always looking for ways to capture a greater share of the global market. While creating new products and services is a great way for users to connect with othersits also a great way for a business to expand their brand. The best way to capitalize on these new services is to use a SEO and SEM company that has extensive experience designing online marketing campaigns that utilize the ongoing changes on the different social media platforms, Iaboni concludes.

Numero Uno Web Solutions is one of the top Internet marketing firms due to constant innovation and overall customer satisfaction. For more information on Numero Uno Web Solutions, and to discover how the company can help maximize your companys search engine optimization and online presence, visit Or call Numero Uno Web Solutions toll-free at 1-855-SEO-XPRT (1-855-736-9778).

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