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Exton, PA (PRWEB) September 24, 2014

Trusted for 40 years, Total Gym has been empowering home users, physical therapists and fitness professionals for nearly four decades. With over 4 million customers worldwide, Total Gym has helped millions reach their fitness goals with its best-selling models like the Total Gym XLS and the new Total Gym FIT.

Total Gym targets all major muscle groups with just one workout. Resistance training, cardio training and stretching everything the body needs, with over 80 exercises, on just one machine.

Always looking to deliver the most efficient and effective workout, and with a large population of Total Gym users who are also avid golf enthusiasts, Total Gym now offers the Golf Core Grip Workout System. Developed by leading golf fitness experts, the Golf Core Grip Workout System for Total Gym was uniquely designed for golfers to help improve their game by developing core stability and swing speed.

With its ergonomically designed handle grip, the Golf Core Grip Workout System prevents over training by breaking down the grip if tension or weight exceeds ability. Swivel rings on both sides of the grip allow for training in both the backswing and the downswing, providing a more complete workout than any other golf training device.

The Golf Core Grip quickly and easily attaches to any Total Gym and comes with a workout DVD featuring founder Dr. Peter MacKay, D.C., QME demonstrating several Golf Core Grip exercises using the Total Gym.

What I really like about utilizing the Golf Core Grip Workout System in conjunction with the Total Gym is that we now have a flow. you move from one pattern of motion to anotherthe golf swing is a continuous motion – it is a flow and if you look into the greatest players in the world they are all about that. Dr. Peter MacKay.

Dr. MacKay is a founding member of the Titleist Performance Institute Advisory Board, and has worked with hundreds of professional athletes from the PGA, LPGA, NFL, NHL, and MLB. As a consultant with the TPI medical team, he has helped rehabilitate and prevent injuries in many of the best golfers in the world. He has been featured on The Golf Channel in his role as a world renowned expert in biomechanics and the golf swing.

The Golf Core Grip Workout System for Total Gym includes convenient tension bands, which can be attached to any door jamb for use when travelling or away from the Total Gym as well as exercise wall chart and mesh travel bag. Downloadable app by LifeApps

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