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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. kayystarrr says:

    Oh goodness, I laughed so hard in the beginning! “You melt my face, I’ll give you some pot! Hahahahaha!”

  2. Brittany Duncan says:

    If everyone sent you guys a dollar you would be millionaires! Haha

  3. aziz mutawa says:

    i love sontard’s DC hat

  4. Jolyne Cormier says:

    love shay as editor

  5. JJDT20 says:

    Shame on u Shay the Hobbit was awesome movie and the Tom Cruise movie it’s a movie that we have see all before :)

  6. theANNOYINGvloger says:


  7. Lauren Weston says:


  8. Reyhan922 says:

    omg rocktard’s face when he ate the cookie hahaha

  9. matthewj237 says:

    The hobbit sucks egg its boring my friends cousins friend done bill bo bagins makeup

  10. 801LTS says:

    creepy dolls… haha

  11. matthewj237 says:

    I made my own cookies and a gingerbread house from scratch missed some shaytards been so busy but catching npup now:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  12. Kim S says:

    i miss the sontard worm!

  13. sportsphan1515 says:

    Did she studder, I’ve had better diapers than that there cookie!

  14. sportsphan1515 says:

    Babytard looks like Callie in this one.

  15. lasvegasasian says:

    i have an my american girl doll and i have 4

  16. tigerslovekoalas says:

    I have 3 American girl dolls from when I was 8-9 and they were so much fun cause like they look like you & you can dress them the way your dress I love mine and I’m too old for them now

  17. xCaptain Swifty says:

    Two videos. Two name slips

  18. GoldenFlither15 says:

    The older ones are a little better. They’ve grown a bit self-indulgent (although Shaycarl’s always been like that as far as I can tell), but there’s a tad more naivety in the earlier ones. I myself watched them for Babytard at the time. I unsubscribed over a year ago but do become curious once in a while. Though yeah, I’m with you. They lack the charm they used to have.

  19. GoldenFlither15 says:

    Oh, Shay, that is so much fail, it’s ridiculous. Not just the missing out on the film (which I thought was pretty damn good), but abandoning your family to go see another movie? Is this just considered normal in America or something? “Sod ’em, I’m going to the adjacent theatre to see something else.” Sorry, Shay, but that’s a story I’d tell at the dinner table about the worst family man ever. :p I don’t know you; I’m sure you’re a nice guy, but…that’s just awful.

  20. LillyBear86 says:

    I finally watching this vlog. Tried numerous times and i was intertupted every time

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