Tourism Marketing ‘Killer’ Strategies with Adrian Caruso – Adelaide

Tourism Marketing ‘Killer’ Strategies with Adrian Caruso – Adelaide
Event on 2013-08-22 14:00:00

Learn the 'killer' marketing strategies that tourism businesses are achieving with most success right now, Listen to 'real life' examples of how many small and large tourism businesses are driving more direct bookings to their website whilst gaining market share and maximising revenue

Presented by Australia’s leading travel and tourism marketing and business improvement expert, Adrian Caruso, the workshop shows simple and inexpensive methods on how you can boost revenue month after month.

From best practices in tourism website design to boosting your TripAdvisor ranking and social media to customer service, you'll come away from this workshop with the knowledge to make a positive impact to your business and bottom line.

Register now for the workshop and learn:

  • How to cash in on the increase in mobile & tablet bookings
  • Using your website to target Chinese travellers
  • Attracting more direct bookings with content marketing and paid advertising
  • Pre and post booking contact strategy for incremental revenue and customer service
  • How to ensure your customers are talking about you online and how to capture and use this
  • Time to track print advertising spend, or do you go all digital?
  • Which bloggers are worth rolling over for?
  • Social Media – Why everyone's got it wrong and how to make it work for you
  • Where are the top tourism businesses spending their marketing $ 's in 2013/14
  • Question and Answer Session

HURRY! Limited tickets available for per ticket (normally 9)
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at Rendezvous Grand Hotel
55 Waymouth St
Adelaide, Australia

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