Traditional Legal Marketing Meets The Modern World

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) July 15, 2014

For a long time, most law firm marketing consisted of a series of billboards, phone book advertisements, and daytime television commercials calling upon viewers to dial at once if they were injured in an accident.

But the times are changing, and no longer can law firms get by on traditional advertising alone. Not only must a law firm create an intuitive website that can act as a central hub for incoming clients, but it must also pursue a plethora of essential online tactics, things like Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click ads, and social media marketing.

Legal Marketing Advantage has spent the past few years helping law firms make this transition to contemporary times. Javier Corona, SEO expert and president of LMA, acknowledges the obstacles that law firms face and wants to help attorneys overcome these hurdles.

Shifting resources to accommodate an expanded online marketing presence can be a daunting process, said Mr. Corona. But it doesnt have to be painful. Online marketing tactics actually work best when theyre tied into more traditional formats. The best campaigns will see the traditional linked inextricably with the more advanced online strategies, allowing each to feed off of each other. This lets us apply the strengths of one channel to counteract the weaknesses of another.

With that in mind, Legal Marketing Advantage has highlighted a few tips on connecting the old-school with the new-school.

Learn More @!- Every traditional marketing format is an opportunity to introduce a prospective client to a website. Television ads, billboards, radio commercials, and other avenues make a much bigger impact on a person if those same advertisements include a reference to a law firms website.

Be Social- For the same reason that all traditional marketing outlets benefit from the inclusion of a website, so too can marketing be made more powerful by noting a Facebook page or Twitter handle. This works best in paper advertisements, where a person has time to look at the entirety of an ad, as opposed to ads distributed over the airwaves, where a client can blink and miss pertinent information.

Get Down To Business Cards- The business card has grown rather archaic in many attorneys hands, but it doesnt have to be. Include a reference to a website or LinkedIn profile right on the card, or think about adding something that a person isnt soon to forget, like a QR code that directs a Smartphone user to a website (HINT: this would also work with other types of advertising).

Bringing Direct Mail Up To Date- Rather than simply distributing mailers within a given geographic vicinity, harness the analytic powers of an email marketing campaign to get a message featured in front of those persons most inclined to be looking for a lawyer. By applying your direct mail strategy to an email format, a law firm can keep track of its successes in the form of clicks, full page views, and ultimately, conversions.

Influencing Word Of Mouth- When a law firm gets a client a hefty settlement, that person will be inclined to spread word of the firms good deeds far and wide. Where a law firm should step in is to make sure that the person is providing those recommendations in online forums. Its perfectly acceptable for a firm to ask an outgoing client to provide them with a review on Yelp or Avvo, as those recommendations can bring in future business in droves.

Online Video Is Not A TV Ad- Many law firms make the mistake of simply uploading an advertisement to Youtube, hoping to draw hordes of traffic in the process. The problem is that people dont go looking for law firm video ads. Online videos have to be creative, insightful, and NOT ad-based. Following those guidelines will improve the value of a law firms online video campaign.

Law firms have to be prepared to embrace the changing face of 21st century marketing, said Mr. Corona. Otherwise, they risk missing out on the myriad opportunities just waiting to be exploited.

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