Traffic Geyser 2.0: Review Examining Mike Koenigs and Ed Rushs Training Program Released

Houston, TX (PRWEB) April 26, 2014

Traffic Geyser 2.0 is a completely integrated system that promises to capture leads, close customers, and follow up prospects from the worlds biggest brands. This has caught the attention of MarketersBlueprint.coms Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

Our Traffic Geyser 2.0 review shows that it is all about getting traffic to your site, content distribution, multi channel lead capture, follow up and sales and marketing. Creating the buzz, getting leads, and converting to paying customers is what the training program is about, reports Stevenson. You also get 5 weeks of live training calls (approximately 2 hours per week) with Mike Koenigs and Ed Rush. This is where youll be literally led by the hand and shown how you can utilize the platform and do much more. The combination of training and tools make the program a valuable asset to your business and gives it an edge above everyone elses out there.

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Traffic Geyser 2.0 covers live casting, pod casting, book casting, social casting, and mobile casting. The first is a powerful method where users and/or their clients can utilize the potential of streaming video for free. The second is a free method of acquiring traffic, leads and sales by getting down with Apple and creating ones own online radio or TV show. The third is about gaining access to Amazons super impressive customer list of nearly 300 million paying customers. The fourth is about legally and legitimately borrowing the customers and viewers from some of the worlds biggest sites and brands. The fifth enables businesses to capture leads through a variety of different channels that include mobile responsive websites, mobile text messages, short codes, QR codes, and automated voice calls on smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops. Apart from a whole load of great bonuses, users also access The Membership Site and Community.

Learn how to launch a book, mobile cast, social cast, video cast and podcast, all in a simple, easy to understand fashion. The powerful training program is all about learning exactly how to do this, and keeping all your marketing in one easy place, says Stevenson. Each training session is recorded, so you can gain access to it at any time after the event. You can also send in questions ahead of time if youre unable to make the live session. It is a powerful, non-technical, and easy-to-use training program that also provides you with the exact tools you need to put your own marketing plan in place.

If youre into Internet Marketing or planning to take that first step, then Traffic Geyser 2.0 could have been written specifically for you. It truly does provide you with everything it promises in the advertising blurb and works just as well for bricks and mortar businesses as it does for those that exist solely online. For anyone whos serious about gaining a real online presence, whether youre starting or expanding your business, you could do far worse than getting on board with it. Its a fabulous product that certainly gets the thumbs up from us.

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