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(PRWEB) March 12, 2013 appears to be extremely different from the music video and social network that launched on the worldwide web just over a year ago in early 2012. What was once just a vision, created by the BEAT100 team, has now expanded into a network full of aspiring musicians, bands and music lovers, who are experiencing the vision first-hand.

BEAT100 updates the network with impressive new features every month, with the Ultimate Musician Music Award, new profile page and audio player being just three of the most recent. This constant change of features, usable by users, keeps them coming back every week to check out whats hot and what will benefit them in gaining the exposure they need and deserve. In just six months, BEAT100s rapid growth has resulted in BEAT100 artists being picked up by national television shows, radio stations and newspapers. An example of this is third place winners, Nevrastena, who will be wearing BEAT100 T-Shirts at their next gig in Italy, as their exposure has increased rapidly via newspaper articles, television appearances and interviews. We have experienced so many benefits since recently winning the BEAT100 Original Music Video Chart, says Alessandro DAgostino, lead singer of Nevrastena. We really have to thank BEAT100. It is a unique platform for emerging artists to be seen worldwide.

Along with the exposure of artists, BEAT100s statistics have grown with it. The network now consists of thousands of users and is rapidly increasing day-by-day, along with millions of page views per month. BEAT100 already hold a Google page rank of 6, which is extremely difficult to reach after such little time, and an Alexa global ranking of 66,000. Although BEAT100 is a worldwide company, much of the traffic comes directly from the USA & UK, and BEAT100 holds an Alexa US ranking of 49,000 and UK ranking of 8,000. For a relatively new start-up, other music-related companies, businesses and CEOs continue to be impressed by the statistics and dedication that users feel towards BEAT100 as a music community. Due to this, several investors, who are looking for a social network or music-related start-up to invest in, are approaching BEAT100 in order to make offers of investment or partnership ideas.

BEAT100 have several partnerships with major companies on the horizon, including deals with Pledge Music and Jamendo. Information regarding these partnerships will be available soon, and BEAT100 are open to working with any other music-related companies or businesses, should they be able to mutually benefit each other. If interested in a partnership or investment opportunity, please contact info(at)beat100(dot)com with a proposal.

By Kelly Donovan

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