4 Replies to “Traffic Travis SEO Software – Manage Search Engine Optimization with Ease”

  1. Traffic Travis is a great tool when used with the Google keyword tool. There is no one factor that will give you top ranks, but TT helps to put a lot of the factors that matter right in front of you, such as how many sites that are ranking in the top ten that have the keyword you are trying to rank for in the url. The amount of backlinks and age of the competing sites. If the competing sites are using the keyword in the title and your chance of being able to beat the competition. Its a great simple, easy to use to use tool that will help point you in the right direction with your SEO.

  2. I’m still using TT3 Professional and I think it’s great for analysing SEO comp. Haven’t really played with TT4 even though I do have full access to it.

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