transformers 4 cast robots

soundtrack : Steve Jablonsky transformers 3 our final hope transformers 3 trailer song
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15 Responses to transformers 4 cast robots

  1. Deadpool4775 says:

    None of the originals are set to be in this new movie. Including Optimus

  2. mordekaiser37 says:

    totaly fake …………………… 

  3. Daniel Reyes says:

    load of crap. megatron died, starscream, too; soundwave, crankcase, devastator.

  4. Daniel Reyes says:

    wheelie died 

  5. Daniel Reyes says:

    ……”Brains” died in the 3rd movie……

  6. jmhealy00 says:

    the hell megaron sound,wave steadfastness all got the heads torn off how

  7. CanardScooterTeam says:

    Stars cream and sound wave dead soooo

  8. ygor santos says:

    gostei muito tomara q seja verdade, mas o megatron n tinha morrido?

  9. cqadams98 says:

    More info plz

  10. Mrpawel768 says:

    Megatron ,,died” 2 times…and? :p

  11. Agus thea says:

    Madep.. Cuma Kaper aja

  12. Catharina Dechau says:

    it this really the right robots? o.O because the most of this robots are death o.O

  13. EvolutionMesshovah39 says:


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