Transformers DOTM Shockwave stop motion

Finally time to get off my lazy butt and do my stop motions the way I used to! WITH AUDIO!!! Yeah, this was a fun little project and made the figure look good! Shockwave deserves the best I can give! The effects turned out rather nice and the sounds worked better than I thought ! I’ll probably be using sounds more than I have been lately cuz seems to be working better for me now and I’ve found the proper sounds for this stop motion. In case you’re wondering, the live action bit with his mech tech cannon is in black and white because I used the greyscale effect because the video was too orangish toned so I had no choice. That video clip turned out rather well too and I used the same camera I use for my reviews! Wow! So yeah, the effects were done in Gimp, the music was mixed and ripped from Garage Band, the sounds are from (except for the Barricade transforming sound bite which is from “Transformers” by Michael Bay), the whole thing was shot with my camcorder and compiled together in Windows Movie Maker. Enjoy and don’t forget to rate, comment, and subscribe to see more awesome Transformers stop motions, reviews, and more! 😀

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25 Responses to Transformers DOTM Shockwave stop motion

  1. OptimusSmyth says:

    It’s also a lot more realistic than the classic cartoon transformation sound effect, that’s the obvious reason for using it. Plus I only used it once for him.

  2. RamWorkz says:

    @OptimusSmyth Im saying its a quite recognizable sound thats all.

  3. OptimusSmyth says:

    your point?

  4. RamWorkz says:

    by now one can tell barricade’s transformation sound, when used for a video.

  5. AlphaWolf2486 says:

    It’s so funny when the person looks at the camera and destroys it! Nice touch!

  6. josh34primefan says:

    wow, you di this in movie maker? cool, mind tell me what cam you used?

  7. imaginedx says:

    It still came out pretty good. :)

  8. OptimusSmyth says:

    yeah but it’s not that good.

  9. imaginedx says:

    Wait…. You made this with movie maker? Cut and edit on the lasors? (You know, that photoshop like thing.)

  10. OptimusSmyth says:

    If you have a Windows computer, you have Windows Movie Maker. If you have a Macintosh you have something better in which case you should forget about Movie Maker.

  11. calibo65 says:

    Really nice video(i liked it when he hit the camera)but where can i get windows movie maker?

  12. OptimusSmyth says:

    You can say that again!

  13. AutovoltGTS says:

    So much cooler than all of his screen time in DOTM. 

  14. OptimusSmyth says:

    I cannot understand your English.

  15. Rezor5005 says:

    program said that the effect of shot made with Shockwave

  16. OptimusSmyth says:


  17. Rezor5005 says:

    program that did the effects of shooting

  18. OptimusSmyth says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t see it sooner either! 😛

  19. JAWSify says:

    Pretty impressive stuff there 😀 Can’t believe I didn’t see this sooner

  20. pspgamerserjio says:

    Now that was fukin beast

  21. chevbee says:

    is this the street side bot bral shackwavs coz ive go them and shokwave looks similer

  22. sonicmarron says:

    nice end haha

  23. OptimusSmyth says:

    @superyiutubebrothers Or maybe someone who’s so much better but is highly insecure and can’t accept anyone lower than them.

  24. OptimusSmyth says:

    But he still was purple.

  25. KnuxMaster says:

    @superyiutubebrothers the purple is chrome purple so naturally the actually purple accents didnt really show

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