Transformers Music Label Soundwave MP3 Player

My review of Music Label Soundwave MP3 Player

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18 Responses to Transformers Music Label Soundwave MP3 Player

  1. Shellhead0080 says:

    My Christmas Haul: Toyworld Hegemon, Music Label Soundwave, TFC Photron, Perfect Effect Frenzy, Rumble, Laser Beak, and finally: Maketoys Green Giant Devastator. It’s a G1 Decepticon Christmas for this guy HELL YEAH!!

  2. Transformersfan1699 says:

    We’re can I buy this guy?

  3. Transformersfan1699 says:


  4. AwesomeJake103 says:

    Where can I buy him?

  5. deano270901 says:

    ive got the headphones they are awesome

  6. baconboy1403 says:

    I actually use this as my MP3. When my friends look at it, I transform it and play music. “SUPRISE BITCH”

  7. AssassinatorScout1 says:

    that is soo cool! 😀

  8. vandread3anime6joe9 says:

    man hearing that song is making me want to go and watch the movie so bye and off i go 

  9. vandread3anime6joe9 says:

    i love that you have the song from the g1 tranaformers movie playing from him

  10. BluntmanEXE says:

    Laserbeak, eject! Operation: Illegal Download!

  11. legoman1999ful says:

    thanks for telling me i didnt know im getting one i just needed to know if it came with the sd card so thanks

  12. AnimatorXY says:

    it doesnt come with the mini sd card… unfortunately, and it took me a while to find one ^^;  the only downside.

  13. legoman1999ful says:

    dose it come with the sd card

  14. MASTERCHI33F117 says:

    @50dito I know man I got it and I love it

  15. 50dito says:

    because it can play music thts why man

  16. hackmandotcom says:

    love the movie song 

  17. VetoBurrito says:

    tfsource(dot)com its about 80$

  18. MrAppleby56 says:

    Fuck you.

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