Transhumanism Agenda Enforced with ‘Nanotech Weapons’

On the Wednesday, June 13 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the latest developments on the engineered implosion of the global economy as the embattled eurozone heads for economic Armageddon with Spain and Italy begging for bankster handouts. Alex also talks about the betrayal of Rand Paul as the senator from Kentucky attempts to merge the liberty movement with the establishment Republican Party. Alex confronts multiple aspects of the emerging police state — from TSA pedophiles gone wild to new surveillance technology — and he also takes a large number of calls on today’s show. [Check out Alex’s New Social Network-‘Planet Infowars’
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13 thoughts on “Transhumanism Agenda Enforced with ‘Nanotech Weapons’

  1. The best start to recovering and securing the United Staqtes, is to run the Fed & the U.N. out of our country. And in my opinion, the very next step would be to physically replace every corrupt politician in DC with people WE KNOW AND TRUST! Not Billionaaires & Multi-Millionaires! And definitly NOT relatives of someone else in Gub’mnt…….

  2. transhumanism can solve all his pyramid problems…transhumanism doesn’t support death in any form unless it is a person’s will…transhumanist believe that everyone who wants to live forever deserves that chance…imagine that can be construed in a bad way, think about it, what person would be AGAINST give everyone the chance to live forever and love who they want, be whatever they want, that’s freedom, alex jones represents slavery!

  3. What ever his background or intention is, he is one of those less people, who spread out infos you will never find on Mainstream Media. Right or wrong you have to find out for yourself.

  4. You bored me at 8:77… I completely forgot what I was looking for, and then I realized, examples of Transhumanism, which I have found a bionic eye which made a man see… Yes a blind man see for the first time, and you turn around and say that Transhumanism isn’t supposed to happen… Pfft please…

  5. While I believe transhumanists want to enslave the human race with their techno-facist idea of perfection, I can’t listen to this guy. He makes John B Wells of Coast to Coast AM sound like Dana Scully.

  6. And does that quote suggest that this is all there is to the internet? It’s pointing out that particular capability of the internet; not all. It would of behooved you to not jump to conclusions, and not react in a hostile manner like you did. Did you think that this would be a constructive way to get your viewpoint across? This is what I was criticizing, and rightfully so.

  7. Your words were: “The internet, like TV and radio, only enslaves the weak-minded.” Does that sound like you believe there are huge benefits? Maybe you should clearly state what you mean before you then criticize someone else for interpreting your words as they are written. And yes people follow all kinds of crap but that is a miniscule cost compared to the amazing benefits to society the internet has brought. It’s connected the world and is the greatest tool for free speech in human history.

  8. People listen to TV and Internet and regurgitate whatever they find on it on a daily basis. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear something about pseudoscience, or what Snooki said/did, or how they believe in something because it was endorsed by something famous. This happens because of weak minds who soak in terrible information like a sponge. IT has massive benefits; I didn’t deny this, but it is also used to attract gullible people. Think about this before you spew impulsive, adolescent rants.

  9. I’m sorry but that comment just shows how delusional and out of touch you are. The internet is one of the most democratizing forces in human history. It’s being used by activists in China to oppose government repression. It’s being used by school kids in Africa to learn math and science and actually receive a free education. It has undoubtedly done more good than evil and you are an absolute moron if you think otherwise.

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