Transit Level Clinic Becomes Authorized Leica Geosystems Repair Center

Norcross, GA (PRWEB) November 12, 2012

North Carolina’s Transit Level Clinic, Inc. (TLC) and Leica Geosystems have entered into a relationship that creates the state’s first authorized Leica Geosystems repair center. As part of the certification process, TLC designed and built a new facility in Cary, North Carolina, devoted exclusively to the repair and calibration of Leica Geosystems most sophisticated survey instruments.

“Leica is the industry standard for quality equipment, and we are proud and excited to be able to work on their full range of survey instruments,” said TLC’s General Manager Charles ‘Bucky’ Lawley, III, “We have seen the need for a long time, and we’re happy that Leica recognized the opportunity to offer value to surveyors in North Carolina and chose to partner with us to make it happen.

Lawley says that Leica’s repair and calibration procedures are extremely rigorous, compared to other manufacturers, and that the certification process was quite demanding. “We’ve spent over a month at Leica’s Atlanta headquarters, certifying our staff in each instrument we’ll be working on,” he said, “We do a lot of instrument repair and calibration, of courseit’s our bread and butter, after allbut this takes us to another level entirely.”

In addition to certification, TLC also created a new ‘clean room’ devoted exclusively to work on survey instruments made by Leica Geosystems. The new facility is dust free, humidity and temperature-controlled, and is designed to eliminate static electricity and electrostatic discharge. “It’s easily the best facility in the state for this kind of work,” said Lawley, “And Leica helped a lot with the design and implementationwe are really looking forward to getting to work in our new repair center!”

TLC started repairing survey instruments in 1981 when Lawley’s grandfather and father, Charles and Charles IIthen working for the Texas Department of Transportationsaw a need and started repairing instruments in a small blue trailer parked in the backyard of the family’s home in Beaumont, Texas. The 10-person firm remains a family business offering sales, training and repair of most major equipment manufacturers, and is now based in Cary with branch offices in Beaumont and in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“This is a fantastic step forward for Leica users in the South,” said Leica Geosystems Regional Manager Tony Wilson. “We didn’t have a good local repair and calibration option, and the quality and dedication of TLC’s service is nearly legendary in North Carolina. We worked with them to provide 28 high-accuracy total stations, plus training, to North Carolina’s Department of Transportation, and they really impressed us with their expertise and loyalty to their customers. We couldn’t be happier that they pursued authorization.”

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