Translate – Google Translate CLI – Linux CLI language code…
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11 Responses to Translate – Google Translate CLI – Linux CLI

  1. Jesus Bejarano says:

    I been searching for something like this for decades, thank you.

  2. gotbletu says:

    Thanks hehe

  3. Ludo Beckers says:

    this one gets a BIG “LIKE” :-)

  4. gotbletu says:

    u can do google tts also just not with this app; guess ill talk about it next time =D

  5. Dennis G Daniels says:

    Cool. What of audio output? Google TTS?

  6. LinuxUser119 says:

    very cool, cheers dude

  7. gotbletu says:

    oh yea that works too =D

  8. gotbletu says:

    not sure all it needs is gnu awk (gawk) v3.1+

  9. gotbletu says:

    needs a dash a the end for it to work with this app $ cat poem.txt | trs –

  10. Peter Schmidt says:

    are you able to pipe commands to it? so for example, could you do: cat poem.txt | trs because that’s where I see this being exceptionally useful. I suppose if that didn’t work, you could also do: trs $(cat poem.txt)

  11. skypup03 says:

    The install won’t “make” after git cloning even with satisfying the dependency.

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