Translating Michele Bachmann's Resignation Speech

Translating Michele Bachmann's Resignation Speech
Anita Sarkeesian screenshot · Feminist analysis of video game tropes booted off YouTube within hours · Conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck. Photo: Screenshot, The Blaze TV. Glenn Beck sees media conspiracy to label him a 'conspiracy theorist' · The Raw …
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This pet drone could be your new best friend
Sorry, dog-lovers. The position of your best friend may soon be compromised. Meet the Pet AR. Drone. Unlike a traditional pet, the robot is capable of doing much more for you. It will be able to follow you around, post to your Facebook, take photos and …
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Bachmann channels Delta's in-flight safety video?
As you might have heard, Rep. Michele Bachmann decided not to seek another term in Congress. Here's the video: This is a truly remarkable video production — especially when the music begins. And I think I know where I've seen this genre employed …
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