Transmission Repair Shop in Phoenix Moves to Migrate Over 8,500 Social Media Followers to Google+

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) June 28, 2012

The team at Allstate Transmission Repair in Phoenix, is a good example how businesses are taking advantage of social media trends.

Jeff Wilson, GM at Allstate Transmissions of Phoenix states Everyone understands the importance of having a Twitter and Facebook Fan Page for their business, but I believe ignoring the potential that Googles offering with G+ is a huge mistake. Its still young, but with Googles power backing it and the way it integrates with other Google sites and services like; Googles search engine, Gmail, Google Maps, Blogger, YouTube and Picasa, its only a matter of time before its larger than all the other social media sites combined.

Google+ is finally starting to catch on with business owners that realize its potential. A relatively new social media venue, released to the public September 20th, 2011, has gained over 170 million registered users in the first 9 months. As a means to compete with Facebook, Google is heavily promoting the site by linking the Google+ business pages to the Google Places Business Listings. Google is also giving preference to search query result ranking if the searched terms are related to Google+ page content, especially when users are logged in during a search.

I like the fact that Google+ allows its users to +1 and recommend items across the web to their friends and contacts Wilson says its much easier to share liked sites or pages rather than having to log into previous social bookmarking sites like; StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, etc, it has combined everything into one network.

Allstate Transmissions still plans on keeping all their other social sites up to date so followers who dont migrate over can still stay in touch with the transmission shops latest updates and events, but I think theyre headed in the right direction with Google+ and being able to offer their followers a nice variety of ways to interact with the company.

Business Information;

Allstate Transmission And Auto Repair

5154 N 27th Ave Ste 103

Phoenix, AZ. 85017

Phone; 602 253-2553

Fax; 602 262-9495


Email; info(at)allstatetransmission(dot)net


Better Business Bureau

Automatic Transmission Service Group

NAPA Auto Car Center

Awards and Recognition;

Voted as “The Best Shop For Transmission Repair In Phoenix”

Earned the “Circle of Excellence” Award

Recognized as a “Top Merchant” in Phoenix. AZ.

1 thought on “Transmission Repair Shop in Phoenix Moves to Migrate Over 8,500 Social Media Followers to Google+

  1. This press release is from our family’s Phoenix transmission shop, Allstate Transmission Repair Phoenix, and just wanted to post an update to this press release. As of Oct. 28, 2013 the Allstate Transmission Google+ Page has over 2,500 +1’s from our followers and increases every day. The migration of fans from Facebook and Twitter to Google+ has taken longer than anticipated but is still progressing at a steady rate. We believe that our fan’s loyalty to the social sites that they’re currently using is one reason that getting them to follow us on Google is slower than expected. Also the fact that Google+ is a relatively new social site that people aren’t too familiar with yet and the fact that they must have a G-mail account to join could also be affecting the migration. What we have noticed is that our Facebook and Twitter fans seem to continue to follow us on these sites, but have also begun to follow us on Google+. New followers on Google+ have also started following us on Facebook and Twitter as well. With our fans following us on all three of our major social media sites, it’s increasing our social popularity across the internet. The only down side to this is that we had hoped to create one large venue where we could interact with our fans more and where all our fans could interact with each other. It would have let us focus on one social site and not split our time 3 ways, causing less interaction with our followers. The bottom line is that we consider the campaign a success for us and our fans’ ability to choose which social venue they prefer to follow us on. Thank you for your interest in our endeavor, Jeff WilsonJeff Wilson; Allstate Transmission And Auto Repair of Phoenix.

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