Trauma and the mind

Trauma and the mind
(CNN) – This week all eyes were on Cleveland, Ohio as three women held captive for ten years emerged. Amid the considerable joy there were also concerns. These women are physically out of danger but what about their minds? Experts say their …
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Free Health Screening Gives High School Athletes Peace of Mind
UCSF's PlaySafe Program started as a free comprehensive health screening for Bay Area high school athletes in 2009. To date, the program's 100 UCSF volunteer physicians, other clinicians and staff members have screened more than 1,300 athletes.
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Richard Branson: The Mind Behind Virgin's Disruptive Empire
Branson: I think… the problem that America has is three airlines that completely dominate the skies, and they can just use their shared minds to get their way. But they don't have to worry about quality; they don't have to worry about price. So, what …
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