Travel Voice Translator iPhone App Review

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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17 Responses to Travel Voice Translator iPhone App Review

  1. komusoapp says:

    Good Job

  2. AceeriProductions says:

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  3. rutkutusperatus says:

    only downside I find with this is the need of a data connection, otherwise this seems just amazing!

  4. DontKlickOnMeAnytime says:

    thank u jon for the app review.. but idk if i would use it

  5. Enhanced Gaming says:

    nice app! 

  6. Bumble munch says:

    does it work with chinese?

  7. Marco Varanada says:

    whens the new phone coming out�? 

  8. JohnVEVO says:

    Asr Nationnnnnnnnnn 

  9. mayckelHenrique says:

    use been doing lots of reviews, we want more!! LOL

  10. FairyTailMoviez says:

    bilingual :-0

  11. Mega Daniel Jacobs says:

    moaaaar videos

  12. TheJojowi4 says:

    u emailed this twice to me. rofl

  13. LyricsUploaderPro says:

    reviews are great from u

  14. barca96fan says:

    ASR Nation!!! 

  15. MXAALT says:

    ohhh would be good on watch so its portable

  16. DarksideWalker89 says:

    duhh it will work on iPad� has a mic

  17. SockeDieAlte says:

    mehh won’t be accurate with background noise probably..

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