Treasured maps

Treasured maps
… Great Southern Land yet to be discovered is guessed at, usually fancifully. Maps such as these, and associated artworks showing events in the history of the region, can be found in Louis Kissajukian's Antique Print and Map Room in George Street …
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Height Maps, One Per Quad, or One Big One ?
"One Per Tile Quad" => can scale height map based on tile resolution – more detailed heights for more detailed quads. Lots of state switching (at least one per tile rendered as they have a unique heightmap per tile). Inconsistent height sampling where …

Twice as Many Structures in FEMA's Redrawn Flood Zone
New federal flood maps released on Monday revealed the grim news that many New Yorkers were girding for after Hurricane Sandy sloshed away: More areas farther inland are expected to flood. Tidal surges will be more ferocious. And 35,000 more homes …
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