Trek the mountains of Khumbu, Nepal in Google Maps

Visit the Everest Region of Nepal, homeland of the Sherpa people. Explore the Khumbu at

18 thoughts on “Trek the mountains of Khumbu, Nepal in Google Maps

  1. The Khumbu region is the epicenter of #Nepal’s Sherpa culture. This video takes you inside with a meditative look at the community. #GoogleMaps

  2. *Descubre el Everest con Google Maps* Ahora puedes explorar toda la región de Khumbu, sus monasterios, albergues, escuelas e incluso algunos yaks por el camino a través de +Google Maps. Conoce más aquí:

  3. I really love the watercolor-style town maps in the Khumbu Trek story. Anyone knows who drew these artistical town maps? Like this one for Thame , and other towns. I didn’t find any attributions for those drawings in the original blog post: +Fantastic Maps 

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