Tribute to Steve Jobs Think Different

This video is a tribute to steve jobs, remember his contribution to this world forever. (If you want the music, search Google for “Apple Think Different Commercial Soundtrack”, you’ll get it. :)

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16 Responses to Tribute to Steve Jobs Think Different

  1. Artur Danchenko says:

    Я хоть и Русский и не знаю английский язык,я плачу.Нам его так не хватает.

  2. Ph Ho says:

    thank you for this tribute… a new year reminder for all humans… to connect the dots… Great man, great learnings… if only the leaders of the world will learn and have more love than destruction in this world.

  3. Mohammad Abdul Jabbar says:

    Android Fans

  4. Omar Jama says:

    Just dont blow us up

  5. Chorouk Chraibi says:

    RIP Steve Jobs.We love you,this video always make me cry ;'(

  6. Andres Versonnen says:

    RIP Steve Jobs!:(

  7. Jasper van der Westhuizen says:

    True Passion!

  8. Penkku99 says:

    Yeah! Don’t those fuckers understand that without Steve Jobs the world would not be like this!?

  9. TheValkyrie1988 says:

    iCry every time iSee this video…

  10. Satyajit Sahu says:

    You may be a PC guy, an Android fanboy, a Google dude, or may not be tech-inclined at all, but if you are a human being, you cannot possibly hit dislike on this video. If you did, I feel sorry for you. There is not a single guy in tech, past or present, who can be so deep, motivational, philosophical!

  11. Peterson0809 says:

    Amazing example of what we are all capable of…….making the world a better place for everone!

  12. Edwin Flis says:

    He did changed our world some way, for me a lot the way we live with Apple product thank you Steve.

  13. Nguyễn Văn Thịnh says:


  14. xxyanlixx says:

    steve jobs changed our living era. he is what made 21st century leap forward.

  15. Waseef Akhtar says:

    Great tribute. Love to see how people have respect for him.

  16. Waseef Akhtar says:

    Can I get the audio for the Think Different ad? the one Jobs narrated?

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