Triple Your Online Sales!

Triple Your Online Sales!
Event on 2013-10-01 09:00:00


JomNiaga is a referral marketing or affiliate marketing platform. With JomNiaga, we want to help e-commerce stores get traffic and sales by leveraging on our zero-risk advertising model.

If you have an e-commerce store and you're struggling to get sales, then this is the event you should attend. At "Triple Your Online Sales", you'll discover the secret of leveraging on affiliate marketing technologies to make sales, without the risk!


Here's Why Most People Fail.

Traditionally, an e-commerce business owner like you need to get traffic and sales from many places – like FaceBook, Google AdWords, Twitter, SEO, blogging and much more. However, almost all these methods are high risk and there’s a good possibility of getting a negative ROI, especially with expensive methods like Google AdWords or FaceBook Ads.

Plus, they are difficult to learn, and impossible to master. Even if you decide to try and learn these methods, it will take forever as the learning curve is steep, and the rules keep changing.

The lack of sales is the #1 reason why most e-commerce stores fail within the first 6 months. Don't let this be your story too!


Get Tons of Sales With Zero Risk.

With JomNiaga, you can stop worrying about the online marketing maze. All you have to do is offer our affiliates a percentage of the sales, and they will get traffic and new sales to your website.

Since each affiliate specializes in different online marketing methods, by getting a handful of good affiliates you can cover every sales channel possible with no effort on your part. You only pay the affiliate when a sale is generated, therefore you have no risk and your ROI will always be positive.

It’s easy to manage, because you are dealing with human beings, and not a computer system. It’s fast too, since a new affiliate can send you highly targeted traffic in a matter of minutes.

In short, JomNiaga allows you to quickly reach a huge online market using all the popular sales channels, at zero risk, and with a guaranteed positive ROI. No one else can offer that.


Proven System, Solid Track Record.

Since the founding of JomNiaga, more than 17,809 affiliates have registered with us from all over the world. Our vendors have over 5.84 Million clicks by these affiliates.

From those clicks, a total of 14,075 sales were generated. In total, our affiliates have generated RM638,000 in sales generated for many e-commerce vendors just like you.

This is proof that our platform will be able to help you generate sales quickly. In fact, here are testimonials from our current vendors:




We Truly Understand Your World.

Gobala Krishnan, the founder and CEO of JomNiaga, has more than 12 years experience in e-commerce and online marketing. He is the author of "The New Millionaires" and has been featured in The New Straits Times, Harian Metro, The STAR as well as other publications.

Hanafiah Yahya is the co-counder and CTO of JomNiaga. Hanafiah has more than 13 years experience in building web applications, and almost single-handedly built the entire JomNiaga platform.

Together, our management team is fully capable of delivering on any promise we make, and even exceed your expectations by going the extra mile.


Value-Packed Event, Networking Opportunities.


In this half-day event, you will discover:

  • The facts about the current state of e-commerce in Malaysia 
  • The ugly truth about Pay-Per-Click advertising like Google Adwords
  • The dangers of FaceBook advertising in the long term
  • How to attract tons of people to promote your store and products
  • How to capitalize of free "social sharing" or word-of-mouth marketing on FaceBook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • And much more.

Register now using the options at the top of this page. Seats are limited, so hurry.

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