Trippy 'Qatsi Trilogy' is a feast for eyes and ears

Trippy 'Qatsi Trilogy' is a feast for eyes and ears
They come from the Hopi Indian language and, since director Godfrey Reggio's first preference, that the films would be represented only by an image was not possible, the words provided the requisite head-scratching by audiences. In a nutshell, the …
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Newtown shooting highlights need for new safety position
… community leaders in the 37 school districts served by GRREC. The committee devised a comprehensive plan on how GRREC personnel can respond to crises at district schools, whether they entail the death of a student, teacher, staff or administrator …
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A genre unto himself
In this second book, the reader discerns that this literary voice is by now well-formed, and the language of his prose corresponds with his lyrics. One could say …. His book has a natural place in the sum total of his creative oeuvre but stands …
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